A brief About Womens Humanity Foundation
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      Since 2001 Meena Venkatesh the founder trustee, with a Master’s Degree, is a philanthropist, social worker, Educationist and a proficient speaker.

      She has done yeomen service for the benefit of the poor, down trodden and for Rural Upliftment . Her Social Service activities has won accolades and appreciation not only in India but also has acquired recognition and impact in the Foreign Countries.

      Meena Venkatesh is also the Founder President of “Tamil Ladies circle”(Abu Dhabi ) a Non Profit social service organisation,& has rendered Dedicated Services to Overseas Indian Expat Community. Please visit www.tamilladiescircle.com for more information.

      In order to create awareness of Charity en-masse , WHF (Womens Humanity Foundation) has embarked upon “Charity Thru Event” a Mantra to gather momentum and involve Well wishers, Sponsors and Corporate sector. etc Through this Mantra (WHF) Foundation is receiving overwhelming response by people from all walks of life.

      The Charity Events which our foundation (WHF) is conducting , Offers not only “ Star Studded entertainment”, but also focuses on India’s Cultural Heritage, Folklore ,and gives opportunity to the talents & skills of children. Thru these events the foundation collects Donations for Various Objectives for the Rural Development , Women’s Welfare, Education, Health Care Programmes, Caring for the differently abled,& Orphans, Co-operation with Indian & International NGOs

Rural Development Education
  • Construction of latrines in villages for women , & in schools and with a focus on total sanitation
  • Construction of dispensaries / Clinics/First Aid Centre.
  • Organizing skill development training courses for economic up-liftment  of women to enhance their lives.
  • Construction of bus shelters in villages where needed.
  • Creating awareness about education in villages, where continuation of education is lacking.
  • Providing note, books and uniforms to underprivileged school children
  • Providing Free Books for reading library for village students and elders.
  • Honouring & Rewarding school students for their special talents
  • To Organize quiz, debates, essay writing, drawing, sports and other competitions
  • Providing career guidance training program for school students and youth
  • Recognising and encouraging Young Achievers and innovators from Rural area and Guiding them to the main stream.
Womens Welfare Health:
  • To Work towards a support system for physical, mental and social well being of women and children.
  • To create nutritional awareness in communities for healthy motherhood, control of malnutrition, and advise on Maternity and Child Healthcare.
  • To create awareness about all kinds of ailments and provide suitable referral services and rehabilitation services to the affected.

  • Construction of Primary health centres/ Clinics/ First Aid Centres in the Rural Areas
  • Caring and Supporting differently abled & orphans
  • Organizing dental, eye, diabetic, blood group identifying camps and other medical camps.
  • Creating awareness about Govt. health schemes among general public.
  • Creating awareness about sanitation, environment..... issues among general public.
Joint venture with other Organizations:
In order to carry out the objectives of the foundation, WHF Would like to jointly work with other organization in India as well as International Foundations and which is having similar objectives.